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Private Guided Tours

Private Photo Shoot Tours, with Guide.

NYC Photo Shoot

NYC Photo Shoot

You can choose from our three hour NYC photo shoot tours OR a two hour Times Square OR Brooklyn Bridge evening photo shoot. These will consist of assorted packaged tours throughout the week.

We also have our special private photo shoot tour for couples and a Small Group (4 and Under) private photo shoot. These are customized by the customers and tour manager. Together they will map each hand selected locations for this special photo shoot. See our NYC HOT Spots page.

All pictures are included in the fee, as a FREE download of the digital photos. They will be available for downloaded from our sale site ( www.nyc-photo-tours.com ) within 24 hours.


Photo Shoot Tour Fees

Private Tour couple, 3-hour photo shoot tour. (Couple selects all Hot Spots)

  • One couple
    • $300 for the first three hours and then $120 for every additional hour, if time permits.


Private Tour 3-4 people, 3-hour photo shoot tour.

  • One family (Family selects Hot Spots)
    • $330 for the first two people in group, $30 for each additional person.


Group photo shoot tour 6-10 people, 3-hours.
(Packaged tours will be created upon request)


The 2-hour Times Square OR Brooklyn Bridge evening photo shoot tour, couples only.

  • $175 


We take the photos, while you learn about this great city of New York.

Tour price does not include any travel fees between destinations.
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